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VORTEX Planter 5

The VORTEX Planter series is a study of energy derived from the mystical vortices of Sedona, Arizona. The astounding landscape of Sedona speaks of rootedness yet simultaneously of eternal motion.


This planter has a pedestal vessel that catches the water. It has been integrated into the design in order to create a more modern look. 2 pieces. Natural "Brooklyn Red" clay with matte black interior. The color is a deep and rich reddish brown.  Drainage hole at bottom. Wheel thrown.
6” diam X 5” tall overall. 7/8" diam. drain hole  (Dimensions are approximate.) 


Although this item is dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing with a mild soap because of the delicate nature of the piece. 


Please remember to remove water from pedestal vessel after a few waterings.


Any visible burnish marks is a result of the typical firing methods and is to be appreciated as being inherent to the process.


Refunds given only if the order has been broken during the delivery process and we receive notice within 2 weeks of placing the order. All return shipping fees to be paid by buyer.

VORTEX Planter 5

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