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I started making ceramics initially for my family.  Hence the name of my business "shikku" which means family in Korean. My children needed bowls for their cereal or cups for herbal tea.  So I made them.  They loved how I just made these functional objects appear one day without ever having stepped into a store.  As if I were a magician!  I loved that they were using and cherishing the very things that emerged from an artistic process that has given me so much joy and inspiration. 


Shikku is about the intersection of opposites, the exploration of the "perfectly imperfect", the mingling of rustic and  modern.  Many of my pieces are hand built using the "pinch" method which is a highly labor intensive process and also wheel-thrown.  Because I strive to maintain a certain sense of intimacy with my work, I produce in micro batches so most of my work is one-of-a kind or made as small sets.  No two pieces are identical and my process lies in being open to the inherent unpredictability of the art form. 


                                                                                                Stephanie Kim 

                                                                                                owner of shikku


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